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The Language Gallery

the language gallery (TLG)

About TLG

Once the student successfully completed TLG pathway program online, LOA for UCW will be issued to join F2F classes on campus. Course has 6 level of progression (8 weeks per level). Levels can be skipped by student during his/her studies depends on how fast student progresses. Course fee- 99 CAD per week or 792 CAD per level (8 weeks duration). For example Level 6 (8 weeks)- 792 CAD, Level 5 and 6 (16 weeks) -1584 CAD and Level 4,5,6 (24 weeks)-2376 CAD

What are Included in this TLG?

Customized Curriculum developed by Experienced Instructors, Live classes in different time zones: 5am, 9am, 5pm - Toronto time zone, 120 minutes a day of face-to-face live virtual English teaching, 40 minutes a day of group session, activities Full access to TLG live self- study resources, Personalized academic counselling and guidance, Application support to our partner colleagues and universities